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Accessories Package

Showcasing Designs

Our Fashion Package skillfully showcases your designs, whether it's an entire collection or a specific line, ensuring each piece is captured in its full splendor.


Lifestyle Looks

We bring fashion to life with lifestyle photography, capturing models in urban settings or specific locations to contextualize your designs in the real world.

Outdoors Model

Social Media Content

We create engaging content tailored for social media and marketing, designed to captivate your audience and enhance your online presence.

High class fashion model

Experienced Models, Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists

We offer the option to hire experienced models, stylists, hair, and makeup artists, ensuring a professional and comprehensive approach to bring your fashion vision to life.

Fashion Model

Detail Focus

We emphasize the uniqueness of your designs through close-up shots, revealing the intricate details that set your work apart.

Fashion detail

Brand Presentation

Our photography highlights your brand's statement, focusing on logos and branding elements to strengthen brand identity in each image.

Swimsuit Model

Catalogue & Magazine Creation

Our package can include the design and creation of catalogs and magazines, presenting your collection in a professionally curated and visually appealing format.

Magazine cover

Exclusive Locations

Our Fashion Package includes access to exclusive locations, providing the perfect backdrop to showcase your designs in unique and captivating settings.

Outdoors Modles


Check out our Fashion & Beauty gallery for previous work and inspiration 


We customize our offer based on the client's needs

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