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ST. MICCA is a photographer from Belgrade, Serbia, whose full name is Miodrag Stanojlovic.
Photography has been his hobby since the mid-2000s. A self-taught photographer, he now has over 15 years of international experience. During this time, he has developed himself to be dynamic and diverse - not focusing on a single subject or style but rather photographing variety to build his skills.


For Miodrag, the art of photography is a way to channel inner creativity and to find something unique in every subject. He sees the camera as a tool which captures moments in time and makes them eternal.

Awards & Achievements

Since 2018, he has had over 50 photos shown in gallery exhibitions all over the world, most notedly in Berlin, Vienna, Barcelona, Lisbon, Budapest, Melbourne, Cape Town, New York and many more.

His photos have also won first prize in over a dozen competitions, each with over 15,000 participants and 50,000 images.

Since 2020, his portraits have been regularly published in some of well established US magazines, and he reached the cover page of Dreamy Magazine (@dreamymag) Issues 210 & 240

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