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You can choose and combine any of the services we provide, depending of your needs

Fashion model

Fashion Photoshoot

Photoshoot services start from 500 EUR.
The basic package includes:
2h studio shoot and up to 6 looks. Models should come to shoot ready, with styling, hair and makeup already prepared.
You will get 30 photos with basic edit (no skin retouching), in jpeg format, ready for social media.

Fine Art Portraits

Photoshoot services start from 200 EUR.
The basic package includes:
1h studio shoot and up to 3 looks. Models should come to shoot ready, with styling, hair and makeup already prepared.
You will get at least 3 fully edited photos, prepared for social networks or prints, and up to 12 photos with basic edits (no skin retouching or creative edits), in jpeg format.

Fine Art Portrait
Fine Art Boudoir

Boudoir Photoshoot

Photoshoot services start from 250 EUR.
Includes everything as Fine Art Portraits


Exclusive locations

If you want to take your vision out of the studio, we offer access to many interesting locations, and our team is ready to travel to help you achieve your vision.
Prices for this kind of request are tailored to each client and we would need your input before we give you an offer.

Stephanie, Italy 2023


Adding video to the Photoshoot package starts at 150 EUR.
With the basic package, you will get 3 tiktoks/reels of up to 30 seconds. 

Social Media & marketing

To take full advantage of the material we are creating for you, we offer the service of tailoring a marketing campaign and engaging social media content. The price for this depends on clients' specific needs.

BTS, Fashion show 2021
ChicagoMPH, 2022 Special Edition Cover

Catalogs & Magazines

Catalogs and magazines are a great way to showcase and promote your work uniquely. Curation and the creation of a full edition of online and printed editions start at 200 EUR for 50 pages.

Models, Stylists, hair and Makeup

While we can provide services of experienced industry professionals, the rates will need to be discussed based on the scope of the project.

BTS, Fashion Show 2021

Prints & Albums

We offer the chance to transform your best photos into artwork you'll be proud to display, adapting our services to suit your desired formats and materials.

Artistry in Every Frame

Embark on a journey to elevate your visual narrative with St. Micca Photography. Contact us today to inquire about our specialized photography packages and let's create something extraordinary together.

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