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Exclusive Services

St. Micca Photography specializes in a diverse array of services including fashion photoshoots, marketing campaign creation, fashion show coverage, catalog and magazine publication, along with specialized shoots for accessories, beauty, makeup, and product photography - capturing every detail with artistic flair and professional excellence.

We tailor our services to encompass fashion photoshoots for entire collections or specific events, create compelling marketing campaigns with impactful visual narratives for social media, and provide complete catalog and magazine creation services, each tailored to reflect and enhance your unique fashion statement.

Accessories Package - Coming Soon


Our accessory photography focuses on the luxury and intricate details of each piece, bringing out the craftsmanship and elegance in every shot.

Fashion Events Package - Coming Soon


We expertly capture the energy and style of fashion events, highlighting the vibrancy and dynamics of the runway and beyond.

Catalog & Magazine Creation - Coming Soon

Magazine Cover

From concept to publication, we offer end-to-end solutions for your fashion catalogs and magazines, ensuring every page tells your story.

Our Fine Art Photography transforms everyday moments into captivating works of art, capturing beauty and emotion with each shot. We create not just photographs, but pieces of timeless elegance, crafted to resonate deeply and bring sophistication to any setting.

Beauty Package - Coming Soon


We specialize in beauty photography, capturing the essence of elegance and allure in each frame, ensuring every detail enhances your vision.

Makeup & Product Photography - Coming Soon


We excel in makeup and product photography, emphasizing the artistry and quality of each item, showcasing its unique features and appeal.

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