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Halloween Edition Magazine Cover!

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

2022 Halloween edition of ChicagoMPH magazine presents incredibly creative work, outstanding visual storytelling, 12 gorgeous models, 4 photographers, and fantastic teams behind the scenes

Meet the models

Ed Sochacki @edsochacki
Ed Sochacki, a photographer-turned-model, is an advertising and marketing professional with a career spanning 3 decades. He is a commercial photographer specializing in fashion, portraiture, swimwear, and product photography. More than 500 of his images have appeared multiple times in international publications since 2018, as well as billboards in times square and in Las Vegas.
Ed is the founder of AGENCY models & photographers, which operates across the Midwest and in remote locations as requested by its clients.

Olena Luchko @luchik_olena
Olena is a freelance model, originally from Ukraine currently residing in Chicago. From early childhood, Olena was drawn to the arts. She used to attend a lot of classes: dance, piano, violin, drawing, music theory... Always looking for ways to channel her creative energy.
About two years ago she got an opportunity to attend a photoshoot, and then another journey in her life started. Olena discovered a new world, the world of modeling and photography. She has found one more way to express her creative nature, a perfect way to capture emotions and tell stories. She had the privilege of meeting a lot of talented artists who helped her realize her amazing potential. Olena brings a lot of energy to every project, and she's always happy to contribute in a creative way to produce artistic results.

Lauren Gianna @thefanged4
Lauren is a Chicagoan, artist, costume designer and model. She primarily paints, sculpts and sews, which led her to model her own designs.
Lauren is a passionate cosplayer and likes to immerse herself in the characters she’s modeling. Lately, she enjoys collaborating with others for photoshoots and posing for art classes.

Appy Mondal @appyishappy03
Appy Mondal is a Chicago-based Indian petite model who loves exploring the different avenues of fashion and fine art modeling, along with a full-time teaching job at a public school.
She has been pursuing her modeling for the last 3 years which includes a campaign for theme-based and promotional photoshoots. Appy was published in many prestigious magazines multiple times. During the journey of her modeling, she discovered her love for photography and videography and she wishes to explore her newly discovered likings more in the future. As they say "the sky is the limit".

Xtl Ann @xtlann
Xtl is born and raised in the Chicagoland area. She grew up surrounded by and indulging in the creative world.
With years of experience as a freelance model, Xtl Ann has become an exceptional model and coach. To ensure she's well educated in every position on the set, she has also expanded her skillset by obtaining certification in make-up artistry, and spending time behind the lens as a videographer.

Sofia Orantes @sofia1_xoxo
Sofia is a Chicago-born model and make-up artist. After over 5 years of experience as an agency model and numerous publications in domestic and International Magazines, Sofia decided to follow her dream of becoming a makeup artist.
Being a self-taught artist, her modeling career helped her gain great insight, and now with 6 months of experience, she's ready to step up. Sofia's modeling aspiration is to do more runways but her ultimate goal would be to open her own beauty salon.

Negus Lutese @negus.lutese
Lutese is a Chicago-based model and College student, pursuing a marketing degree and Google certification in digital marketing and e-commerce.
She has been modeling since she was 16 years old, but only after she ended her 4-year track star career, Lu decided to pursue modeling in a much more serious manner. Since then, she has worked for companies like Amazon, Walmart, Target, as well as various skincare companies. Her main modeling interests are in the fashion and beauty industries.
Lu aspires to help others to use modeling as a journey of self-discovery and acceptance: "Modeling is a lifestyle, not just about looking cute or proving you're the best. It's about self-care and self-love, and using your body and your mind to share fun experiences with others through a lens."

Alyssa Marie @alyssa__soowoo
Alyssa is Chicago born and raised, a full-time Insurance agent and a full-time mom. But second to those modeling has always been a huge part of her life and a great passion.
Alyssa started modeling when she was 16. She loved being in front of the camera from the very beginning and that passion has definitely grown over the years swim rare and fashion are her favorite types of modeling. But she also loves occasional shoots like this which involve interesting and scary makeup. She always has a professional approach, but put her all into every shoot and will continue to do so. Working in this industry helped her meet so many great people and she hopes it continues.
Alyssa loves that this passion has taken her out of her comfort zone on many occasions and the self-confidence that she gained from it. As she likes to say. "If anything has come from this, it has to be, no matter what age you are, please follow your dreams and do what makes you happy."

Featured Artists

Photographers: Henry Bat @henry_bat2 Arijit Ghosh @arijitghosh8

Ed Sochachi @edsochacki

Make-Up Artists:

Nini Catrambone Sofia Orantes @mkup_by_sofi_


Michaela Rae @michaela_rae_mueller

Jennifer Raelynn @jennifer.raelynn

Alexis Sheridan @lavishlylexie

Lisa J @lisa.jski

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