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New Magazine Cover!

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

In the new special edition of ChicagoMPH magazine, you will be able to see some amazing work, 16 different sets with four gorgeous models and a fantastic team behind the scenes

Meet the models

Kaitlyn Anne @kaitlynannemodeling
“Kaitlyn comes from Chicago, Illinois and currently is a freshman in college, where she studies Early Childhood Special Education. She enjoys working with children and has been working as a tumbling coach for 2-5 years old's. Kaitlyn has been modeling for a little over a year. One of the things she loves most is meeting new people and trying new concepts. So far, modeling allowed her to meet so many wonderful, creative, and inspiring people and I hope to meet more. "
"Kaitlyn is driven by the sense of adventure, trying new things and getting some awesome pictures on the way! She truly appreciates all the experiences modeling has given her and relishes the opportunity to learn and grow within the industry.”

Jessilyn Li-An @jessilyn_lian
"Jessilyn was born and raised in Chicago! She works at a chiropractic clinic where she helps people move in the right direction to fix their bodies."
"Jessilyn has been modeling for 5 years and loves every second of it. She met so many wonderful people along the way that have turned into lifelong friends. She did not have the greatest self-esteem when she first started modeling but modeling has given that back to her! Meeting new people and creating artistic visions are the most exciting parts of modeling for her. Also, she recently started coaching other models and she hopes to one day pass along her knowledge to anyone willing to listen!"

Courtney Anderson @calicourtney
Courtney has been a freelance model consistently since 2018, but started modeling in 2012 at the age of 17. Although she has worked with multiple brands, she enjoys creative collaborative work the most.
Courtney hopes to keep on pursuing her modeling carrier as it is truly a passion of hers, all while continuing to have fun and meet other creatives within the industry.

Kalista Roling @kalistaroling
Kalista is a Milwaukee-based and Chicago-raised model and dancer with over a decade of experience in the performance industry, with a passion for dance and a love for modeling, Kalista explores a wide variety of performance arts throughout the Midwest in both her personal and professional life.
Although Kalista entered the modeling industry as a dance model, she now enjoys modeling in a wide array of genres such as fine art portraiture, bridal, avant-garde, boudoir, and high fashion. As a student who works full-time in an artistic field, Kalista finds modeling to be an art form that allows her to express herself without limits. She approaches modeling with immense gratitude for the experiences and relationships it has given her and an open mind for exploring new concepts and ideas.

Featured Artists

Photographers: Henry Bat @henry_bat2 Arijit Ghosh @arijitghosh8

Hair Artist: Leslie Robinson @lesismorehair

Make-Up Artists:

Justyna Kaczor @atelier_makeup_chicago

Ulyana Buchko @ulyanabuchko

Josh Penning @jp.beautyservices

Wardrobe & Set Design: Boutique Photo Loft by Shari Cornés @boutiquephotoloft

Featured Themes:



Valentine's Day


Moulin Rouge

Old Hollywood


Behind the Scenes

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